Could This Be the World’s Safest Motorcycle?

The Russian motorcycle manufacturer Chak Motors’s newest design, the Molot, may be the world’s safest motorcycle. Chak Motors has taken all of the latest safety features found in high-end luxury cars and integrated them into a sport bike.

The Molot features multiple HD cameras, proximity sensors, gyroscopes and multiple radars. The cameras are capable of sensing vehicles in the motorcyclist’s blind spot and issuing a warning signal to the rider. The cameras are also capable of detecting lane divisions, predicting a lane change and informing the motorcyclist of the presence of another vehicle in the other lane.

The bike sends warning signals to the motorcyclist through blinking lights on the dashboard and vibrations in the hand grips. If the signals are ignored, the Molot has an automatic braking system that applies to prevent the biker from riding into another vehicle.

The HD camera systems will also come in handy in the event of a motorcycle accident. A visual record of the collision can prove invaluable in the courtroom. The Molot will not be available for purchase until at least 2015; furthermore, it will probably be decades until these safety features become integrated into mainstream motorcycles.

Until then, motorcyclists will have to rely on their wits and experience. Even the most experienced motorcyclists can still be at risk for an accident when sharing the road with a reckless motorist. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you want to be sure that your attorney has firsthand knowledge of the open road on two wheels.

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