County Welfare Departments Ignore Child Abuse Claims

An ongoing report in the Denver Post chronicles a disturbing trend: county welfare departments are ignoring a large portion of child abuse claims. The children involved are dying from abuse and negligence.

The report says that state law requires county child welfare departments to investigate claims of abuse when three criteria are present:

  • Evidence of abuse
  • Child is under 18
  • The county knows where the family lives.

However, county departments have some flexibility in cases they decide to investigate. They have the power to decide what constitutes legitimate evidence, and state officials rarely question counties that ignore abuse claims.

The Post says welfare departments knew that at least 40 percent of the children who died from abuse or neglect were living in dangerous situations but failed to follow up on abuse reports. Such cases include a child with bruises, a mother who appeared drunk and claimed that she did not want her son anymore and a child who frequently missed school. When he appeared at school, others noticed his poor hygiene. All three children died from abuse and neglect.

Injuries to children are inexcusable. We are interested to hear more about why certain departments ignored hazardous living situations. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do if your child sustained injuries, or call us at (866) 377-3800 and ask about our free case review.

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