Are Current Methods for Detecting Concussions Effective?

We have written previous blogs discussing how concussions can affect football players, but they can also affect people other than athletes, and unfortunately, more and more Americans are falling victim to this increasingly common type of traumatic brain injury.

The number of concussions sustained by Americans has gone up 70 percent over the last 10 years, and presently it is estimated that 2.5 million are affected annually. Finding a way to diagnose concussions and chart their severity has been a challenge for health care workers, as CT scans and MRIs are not always effective tools for evaluating the severity of a concussion.

Detecting a concussion early on can help avoid potentially fatal brain injuries, so the benefit of finding a new method is highly desirable in the medical community.

How Will New Detection Methods Help People with Concussions?

Researchers affiliated with New York University have developed a new approach to detecting the severity of concussions by spotting eye movement abnormalities. Problems moving the eyes are a common symptom of a concussion, and up to 90 percent of patients who receive one will show signs of eye movement abnormalities. This new test will be able to measure how severe a concussion is because individuals who have a more severe concussion will have greater eye movement difficulty.

Emergency and athletic departments would be able to use eye tracking diagnostic tools to help them quickly treat individuals who have sustained a TBI, whether it is at the emergency room or on the sidelines of a football game.

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