Is It Dangerous to Drive During the Winter in Colorado?

Winter weather in Colorado can cause dangerous road conditions that can sometimes lead to serious car and truck accidents capable of causing injury or death. During the last three weeks, there have been multiple accidents along U.S. 285.

One accident sent several cars off the road, and another caused a 26-car pileup. After a snowstorm brought freezing temperatures, and with it snow and sleet covered roads, Colorado highways have seen more accidents than usual, including one that killed an off-duty Jefferson County sheriff’s sergeant. The off-duty officer died when an SUV lost control, crossing the median and striking him as he was helping direct traffic in the aftermath of another accident that had occurred.

How Have People Responded to an Influx of Weather-Related Accidents?

Recently, Colorado State Patrol temporarily shut down parts of Interstate 25, and urged drivers to be cautious and avoid slamming on the brakes. Snow, sleet and other hazardous weather conditions are capable of turning situations that would normally not present a danger into something that can cause fatal or serious accidents.

Braking, driving too quickly and not seeing snowplows or other winter-obstacles are a cause of many winter car accidents. Bad driving habits, such as texting and driving, are far more dangerous in poor weather conditions.

Weather-related car accidents are a national problem, and from 2002 to 2012, they killed more than 6,000 and injured another 480,000. Driving safely protects you, your loved ones and other drivers.

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You can read more about recent weather-related accidents by visiting the Channel 9 News website.

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