Death of A Business Partner Fuels Man’s Desire to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

Photo of a car crashA Colorado entrepreneur recently spoke to local press outlets about what inspired him to create a device that could help prevent distracted driving accidents. In 2008, the entrepreneur was supposed to meet with a potential business partner, but tragedy changed everything. Instead of showing up for the meeting, the business partner was struck and killed by a distracted driver. From this point on, the entrepreneur was determined to prevent future distracted driving accidents.

After the accident, he created a small device that plugs into vehicles and blocks text messages and social media apps from phones. The device does not block incoming phone calls. Although he hopes his invention can prevent distracted driving accidents, he expects to run into legal issues with phone carriers. Fortunately, other innovators are working towards the same goal.

Can Similar Innovations Help Prevent Distract Driving Accidents?

Smart phone apps and factory devices installed by auto manufacturers have sought similar solutions to prevent distracted driving accidents. For example, Ford launched its MyKey and Sync services, which can block incoming calls and text messages. Apps such as DriveScribe issue “safe driver scores” for each journey.

Innovators are more than welcome to continue discovering new technologies and innovations to prevent distracted driving accidents. Distracted driving accidents have been a major cause of catastrophic injuries and deaths on our roads for several years. In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,092 deaths and 416,000 injuries from distracted driving.

We have reached a point where we say “no more”, and find solutions that can prevent these tragedies from occurring.

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