Defective Parts – Are They a Threat to My Safety?

Harley-Davidson has recently recalled all of its 2014 Touring motorcycles over a problem with the clutch that could potentially cause crashes. Harley-Davidson claimed that the hydraulic clutch may not disengage correctly, which could then cause the bike to tip itself over.

Nineteen motorcycle accidents were connected to the issue, although there were no serious injuries reported. Paying attention to recall notices can help save lives, and Harley-Davidson did a stand-up job by notifying owners of the potential defect.

Last year, the popular motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki recalled more than 200,000 of its GSX-R models after a serious defect with the braking system was uncovered. BMW also joined a list of motorcycle makers that had to recall their products.

Over 51,000 BMW motorcycles were recalled earlier this year because of a fuel leak defect. Both Suzuki and BMW were eventually able to take prompt action and notify consumers of the defects.

Consumer Protection – A Top Priority

Every year in the U.S., thousands of motorcycle riders unfortunately die or face serious injury. Motorcycle riding can be a fun and liberating hobby, but it is up to auto manufacturers and retailers to have a high degree of accountability to consumers when it comes to the safety of their products.

It is extremely important that consumers be notified of any problems with their purchases. Companies that manufacture motorcycles and motorcycle parts can be held liable if they knowingly release and sell products that are not safe.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck and you believe the cause was faulty equipment, our motorcycle accident attorneys at Metier Law Firm may be able to help you receive damages.

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