Denver Accident Lawyers Explain Ski Resort Liability

Tristan Bartlett, 13, was visiting Colorado Springs from Houston, TX. He was skiing on Copper Mountain when a skiing accident took his life. While navigating a beginner’s course, he crashed into a tree and died later that day at Saint Anthony Copper Mountain Clinic.

In the current 2012-2013 winter season, three people have died in Colorado skiing accidents. A ski patrol member on Snowmass died in an avalanche (apparently outside of the marked trails) and another skier died when she collided with a tree at Keystone Resort.

In the previous season, skiing accidents in Colorado killed 19 people.

Ski Resort Liability

Most ski resorts make guests sign waivers which say that resorts are not responsible for injuries or deaths that occur on their property. However, if the resort fails to provide adequate safety measures for its guests, it could be liable for accidents. Skiers have successfully filed premises liability suits against resorts for failing to block off dangerous sections or warn skiers about dangerous jumps. Other liabilities might include:

  • Poorly maintained trails
  • Defective or broken gear, including skis, poles and helmets
  • Chairlift malfunctions
  • Failure to classify trails as advanced or difficult

If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a skiing accident, you can call us and find out if you have a possible case at no charge. We have filed multiple premises liability lawsuits against property owners who failed to provide a safe environment for guests. Call (866) 377-3800 today to learn more.

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