Denver Injury Attorneys Explain Your Rights After You Sign a Waiver

Erika Shields, 26, decided to go skydiving in Fremont County on Saturday, December 8. Unfortunately, something went wrong near the end of her dive. Shields had difficulty controlling the steering mechanism, and instructors from High Sky Adventurers Parachute Club could not help. She crashed in a ravine at least a half-mile away from the landing site. She was immediately rushed to a hospital, and officials expect her to recover from her injuries. This was Shield’s eighth time skydiving.

Can You File a Lawsuit After Signing a Waiver?

Many people believe that they cannot take legal action against a company after they sign waivers. However, this is not always the case. Thrill-based operations like High Sky Adventurers Parachute Club use waivers to let their clients know that they are about to take a serious risk. If guests deliberately disobey instructors, chances are they cannot recover much in a premises liability lawsuit. However, if the company acts with negligence – such as failing to provide assistance, functional equipment or thorough training – the company may be responsible for critical injuries or wrongful death.

Keep in mind that waivers are not necessarily bulletproof shields that protect companies from mistakes; there are ways around them. Set up a free consultation with our Denver injury attorneys to learn more. Call (866) 377-3800 to discuss your options with us.

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