Denver Motorcycle Lawyers Applaud Missouri Senator’s Motorcycle Bills

In the past, some motorcycle laws have angered riders by unfairly targeting the motorcycle community. One contentious type of law involves motorcycle checkpoints where government workers examine bikes to ensure they conform to regulations. But new motorcycle bills could change that…

How a Missouri Senator’s New Bill Could Change Motorcycle Law

To prevent these checkpoints, Missouri Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) introduced a law that would ban motorcycle checkpoints in his state. SB 73 would prohibit roadside checkpoints that single out specific types of vehicles unless they are commercial use vehicles. However, that wasn’t the only bill the senator introduced.

The Birth of Motorcycle Safety Month

Schaefer introduced a second motorcycle-related bill that would increase safety awareness. SB 72 would designate May as Motorcycle Safety Month in Missouri. If passed, the bill would encourage Missouri citizens to “observe the month with appropriate activities and events.”

Missouri would not be alone if its citizens spread awareness of motorcycle safety in May. Organizations like the National Safety Council have designated May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for several years. Since temperatures begin to warm and more riders take to the streets as spring turns to summer, educating motorists about motorcycle safety measures in May makes sense.

We appreciate Schaeffer’s attempts to keep bikers safe and motorcycle laws fair. As riders ourselves, we appreciate efforts from lawmakers that respect riders’ rights and well being. Victims injured in motorcycle accidents can call our office at (866) 377-3800 to schedule a free consultation with us to explore your legal options.

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