Denver Motorcycle Lawyers: Recent Recalls Might Affect You

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is warning riders about two potentially dangerous products that could threaten rider safety.

Vega Helmet Recall

If you choose to wear a helmet, or if you are a rider under the age of 18, a massive motorcycle helmet recall might apply to you. Vega Helmet Corp. has issued a recall for 30,546 motorcycle helmets that may not meet federal safety standards.

According to NHTSA, four XXL helmets did not perform well in safety tests. Since Vega is not sure if all helmets carried the same safety risk, they decided to recall a large portion of the helmets.

The recall affects Vega helmets that:

  • Are size L, XL or XXL
  • Were manufactured between May 2011 and October 2012

BMW Motorcycle Recall

BMW is recalling 2,385 bikes that have issues with the kickstand. The manufacturer said a problem with the kickstand attachment threads increased probability that the kickstand might fall off, causing the bike to fall over. Since motorcycles weigh several hundred pounds, a defective kickstand could cause serious injury. The recall affects the 2012-2013 S 1000 RR model.

Pay attention to the NHTSA website and consider signing up for email alerts for similar recalls. A defective component could cause a motorcycle accident or lead to a serious injury. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident or by a defective product, call (866) 377-3800. Ask our about free consultations to learn more about your rights after an injury.

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