Denver Officer Pinned Between Cars in Accident

Earlier this month, an alleged drunk driver slammed his truck into a patrol car, pinning a police officer between the patrol car and another vehicle.

“The moment I saw it getting closer to me I thought I was already done,” said Denver Police Officer Angela Simon. “I didn’t have time to react. I thought if his patrol car doesn’t stop, I might get cut in half or something even worse.”

The pain from the impact was enough to make Simon pass out, and then drift in and out of consciousness. When she came to in a hospital bed, she learned she had fractured her hip, dislocated her femur and sustained several other injuries. She was happy to learn the accident had not paralyzed her.

“I’d rather hear what’s your pain level versus you’re going to be in a body cast or we’re going to teach you how to walk in six months,” she said.

Simon is familiar with spinal injuries. Earlier in the year, her fiancé was in an auto accident that broke his neck and caused a spinal cord injury.

Authorities are holding the driver of the truck that caused Simon’s accident for investigation of vehicular assault, and the police have charged him with DUI, careless driving and no proof of insurance.

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