Denver Police Department Gives Advice on How to Avoid Motorcycle Theft

Losing a motorcycle to theft is one of the worst disasters that can befall a rider. Fortunately, the Denver Police Department has released tips that can help riders avoid theft.

  • Add multiple security devices. Ignition and brake locks can prevent thieves from stealing your motorcycle. According to a Reddit post where a motorcycle thief described his methods for stealing bikes, thieves go for the “low-hanging fruit”. The more layers of security your motorcycle has, the less likely it will attract thieves.
  • An alarm can be a great deterrent against theft. A thief is likely to run off once an alarm starts blaring in a crowded area.
  • If you are able, park motorcycles near buildings and parking structures with cameras. For riders stopping at shopping centers, stores or hotels, many of these locations will have cameras that can record thefts.
  • Tale multiple photos of your motorcycle from varying angles. If your motorcycle is stolen, police can identify it by specific markings and other visual information.
  • Park and lock your motorcycle near stationary objects that thieves cannot sever or dismantle. If this is not an option, it is advised to check in on your motorcycle every few hours.
  • Riding in groups is another great deterrent, as motorcycles can be locked up together. It is far more difficult to steal multiple motorcycles locked together.

For riders who have faced motorcycle theft, losing your bike can be an emotionally devastating experience. Don’t let it happen to you: take precautions against theft.

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