Colorado Couple Builds World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

A husband and wife team from Denver, Colorado just designed the world’s fastest electric motorcycle.

The husband is a research scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and his wife is a PhD candidate at the University of Denver. The couple has spent the last five years designing the electric bike, affectionately named the Killajoule.

The bike boasts a 500 horsepower EVO electric motor, where power is stored in a series of lithium nano-phosphate battery cells. The body is made of chrom-moly steel tubing wrapped in pre-painted aluminum body panels and weighs in at 1540 pounds.

Special land speed racing tires and a strong suspension help keep the motorcycle steady on rough terrain, and two Kevlar ribbon brake chutes help the bike slow down once it reaches its destination. It even has a sidecar to improve stability.

In late August, the couple took their labor of love to Utah’s legendary salt flats for the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. There, the couple saw their efforts pay off as Killajoule reached an outstanding 241.901 mph, crushing the old record by a whopping 25 mph.

In that moment, Killajoule became the fastest electric motorcycle ever built and the fastest motorcycle with a sidecar. The wife, as the driver, became the fastest woman on a motorcycle in the world.

Despite their initial success, the couple knew their bike could do better, so they made some slight adjustments and returned several weeks later. This time, the bike reached 270.224 mph, shattering their old record by almost 30 mph.

Both designers were “pleasantly surprised” by the bike’s performance, saying that “for the first time ever, practice agreed with theory.” They say their main motivation for building the bike was to show that “eco-friendly doesn’t mean slow and boring.”

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