Deputy Finds Man Asleep In Vehicle With Bottle Of Whiskey

A South Carolina deputy had to struggle to arrest an intoxicated man after he found him passed out in an SUV that appeared to have been in an accident.

The Spartanburg County deputy said he came upon a stopped SUV on Dobson Road that looked as though it had been in a wreck. He approached the vehicle and discovered a man passed out inside. After several attempts he was able to wake the man.

According to the deputy, the man woke up and said, “Who the f*** are you?”

The deputy told him who he was and asked the man to turn off the vehicle. The man refused, saying he was going home and attempting to drive off. The deputy told the man that he was under arrest for public disorderly conduct.

The man did not go easily, forcing the deputy to take him to the ground and handcuff him. When the deputy searched the vehicle he found a bottle of whiskey.

The man was charged with resisting arrest, public disorderly conduct, driving under suspension, driving under the influence and open container.

The report did not indicate whether the man had actually been in an auto accident or not. Regardless, it is a good thing for everyone that he did not drive any more. Driving drunk is a danger to everyone around you, including yourself.

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