Did a Manufacturing Defect Cause Your Accident?

To stay safe, motorcyclists have to regularly inspect their bikes for any signs of wear. Broken or unstable parts, strange noises and leaking fluid may indicate that your bike needs maintenance, which could make all the difference in the event of an accident.

Regular maintenance can help you detect any defective parts and help keep your bike running smoothly. Early detection can help you address issues before they lead to a crash.

Harley-Davidson is recalling more than 66,000 of their Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles after they became aware of a possible defect. According to reports, the front brake line can get pinched between the fuel tank and the frame, causing the front wheel to lock up while riding.

Harley-Davidson Inc. realized the malfunction last fall through warranty claims. So far, five crashes and two minor injuries can be attributed to the defect.

Harley-Davidson will officially declare the recall later this month for Touring motorcycles with anti-lock brakes that were built between July 1, 2013 and May 7, 2014. Motorcycle owners can have their brake lines replaced for free at Harley-Davidson dealers.

Even when traveling alone, this dangerous defect can cause riders to lose control and fall in the street, risking broken bones and lacerations. If the motorcyclist is riding in traffic, his or her accident could be fatal.

Defective products from motorcycle companies kill and injure riders every year. At the wrong time, equipment failures like faulty tires, fuel system issues, manufacturing defects and brake failures can all cause dangerous and potentially deadly accidents.

Accident Caused by Motorcycle Defect

If you suspect a defect or malfunction caused your accident, do not have your motorcycle repaired right away. Instead, preserve your bike until you speak to an attorney. A motorcycle lawyer can recommend a trustworthy mechanic to look over the bike for signs of defects.

Photographs of the accident, documentation of any injuries and eyewitness accounts can also help support your case. Make sure to call the police as well; they will document the scene for you and provide an objective version of events.

Motorcycle manufacturers have a responsibility to provide safe products to their consumers. They must be held accountable if they fail to meet that standard.

At Metier Law Firm, we know that riders must be able to trust their motorcycles with their lives. If a manufacturing defect caused your accident, call us today. We can help you get justice for your injuries.

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