Did You Buy a Stolen Motorcycle?

Police are requesting information about a stolen motorcycle that could have been sold on June 1.

The motorcycle in question, a KTM 2009 XC250 was stolen during a burglary in Denver on May 30. Denver police now suspect that the bike may have been sold at the Mile High Flea Market to a person who did not know the bike was stolen.

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is requesting that anyone with knowledge of the bike’s whereabouts call their number at 720-913-STOP (7867) or text 274637. Callers can stay anonymous, and you can earn up to $2,000 for a correct tip.

Motorcycles can be an easy target for thieves, because they have fewer anti-theft devices than cars, and the locks are much easier to crack. Thieves also tend to be attracted to motorcycles, because they can sell them quickly, either whole or in parts.

Bike theft tends to spike in the spring and summer months because, like most motorcyclists, thieves are more comfortable in warm weather. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, more than 46,000 bikes were reported stolen in 2013, with only a small percentage of them ever recovered.

How to Keep Your Motorcycle From Being Stolen

Here are some suggestions to keep your bike safe this summer:

  • If you must leave your bike unattended, securing it to a railing or convenient lamppost will deter opportunistic thieves. Make sure to use a high tensile strength chain and matching security lock, and secure it through at least one wheel and the frame.
  • Use locks even if your motorcycle is parked in a garage. The enclosed space gives thieves privacy and time.
  • Do not let your bike go quietly! Install an alarm.
  • Cover your bike. Lower visibility is less temptation for thieves.
  • If you travel to the same place on a regular basis, vary your parking habits and make sure to leave the bike in full view of passersby.
  • If you can, mark anything that can be sold as a spare part with a readily identifiable number or symbol. This makes it harder for thieves to sell them.

Motorcycles are both an investment and a labor of love. Thieves, like the one mentioned above, will not hesitate to damage your bike or strip it down for parts. Be smart, and protect your investment.

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[Did You Know: Only 4 out of 10 stolen motorcycles are ever recovered.]

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