Dirt Bike Safety Tips 101: How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

One of the best aspects of living in Colorado or Wyoming is there are plenty of places to enjoy riding dirt bikes. Riding dirt bikes can be a very fun hobby, especially in some of the unincorporated areas of both states. However, there are safety precautions dirt bike enthusiasts should undertake to avoid accidents.

  • Like street-ready motorcycles, dirt bikes require proper clothing. Riders should ensure none of their clothing is loose, baggy or ill fitting. Wearing Department of Transportation-compliant clothing can reduce the risk of an accident.
  • Dirt bikes are not made for use on normal roads and highways. Most dirt bikes are very small and may lack proper features and lighting. Motorcycle accidents frequently occur when motorists fail to spot riders.
  • Riders should always inspect dirt bikes before use on trails. Dirt bikes can take a beating, affecting suspension, tire pressure and brakes. Ensure everything is in working order before enjoying rides.
  • Several Colorado organizations have safety courses for dirt bike riders. United Dirt Bike School offers trail-riding courses within 80 miles of Fort Collins.
  • Never ride alone or on remote trails. In the event of an accident, it is important for riders to receive immediate medical attention.
  • Practice how positioning, accelerating and braking on a dirt bike before attempting to tackle trails. For beginners, it is important to become familiar with how bikes operate before riding somewhere that involves a higher level of skill.

With another month of warm weather, dirt biking can be a fun chance to enjoy the outdoors in both Colorado and Wyoming. Stay safe and continue to follow our blog for future updates on how to avoid motorcycle accidents.

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