Dispatchers Find Biker By His Cell Phone

Dispatchers are receiving an award for going the extra mile in their help rescuing a man in an off-road motorcycle accident.

A year ago this month a Nebraska wife called authorities concerning her husband. He had left the day before to go dirt-bike riding and had not returned. He had taken his cell phone with him, but was not answering.

Chief Dispatcher Shelly Holzerland of the Fremont Police Department requested the man’s cell phone number, and then proceeded with her colleague to call Sprint and see if they could find the man using his phone.

Holzerland’s idea worked. Sprint provided the latitude and longitude of the man’s phone, and officers were able to use the information to find him.

Authorities found the dirt bike rider paralyzed from the neck down, but still alive.

A year later, the man says he is thankful to be alive, and has regained the use of his arms enough to get around in a wheelchair.

It is fortunate for the man that the dispatchers went the extra mile to find him. Cell phone companies will only locate someone by their phone if the authorities believe that person is in immediate danger, which turned out to be true in this case.

Do you carry your cell phone with you when you ride your dirt bike? Do you find it comforting that authorities can find you when they need to using cell phone tracking? Share your thoughts with others like you by commenting below.

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