Distracted Driver Injures State Trooper

According to KKTV.com, a state trooper suffered minor injuries when a distracted driver rear-ended his patrol vehicle.

A father driving his two young daughters through Castle Rock dropped his phone and was retrieving it when he hit the stopped car. He was so focused on his phone that he did not notice that the car in front of him was not moving, much less that it was a state trooper.

“My dad had his phone in his lap and it dropped on the floor and he went to go pick it up. There’s was a stop light and he didn’t see it and then all of a sudden we hit the car,” confirmed one of the little girls.

She also commented that the father was visibly upset afterwards:

”He almost started crying because he felt really bad he got us into this mess because we could have gone to the hospital,” she said.

I Was Hit By a Distracted Driver. Who Do I Call?

The number of Colorado state troopers injured by distracted drivers has risen in the past few months, with six crashes reported in a two-month period. State Patrol has tried to raise awareness about these issues, but the numbers continue to rise.

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Source: http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Trooper-Injured-In-Crash-After-Driver-Reportedly-Drops-Phone-257801831.html

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