Do Football Helmets Protect Against Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Contact sports often involve many small concussions and brain injuries, which, over time, can develop into post-concussion syndrome. Brain injuries produce long-lasting effects that leave the victim with impaired memory, attention deficits, emotional management issues and personality changes. According to CBS Local Philadelphia, a group of Florida-based neurologists recently conducted a study of the different helmets used in football to measure their effectiveness in preventing traumatic brain injuries.

The researchers placed football helmets on crash test dummy heads to measure response to 12 mph impacts. After measuring 10 different types of helmets in 330 trials, they found that helmets only reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury by 20 percent.

“Protection against concussion and complications of brain injury is especially important for young players, including elementary and middle school, high school and college athletes, whose still-developing brains are more susceptible to the lasting effects of trauma,” said one of the researchers.

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