Do I Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

Following a trucking accident, it’s understandable that you may want to handle the truck crash settlement alone. After all, the accident has likely stolen some of your independence, and you would like to be self-sufficient and in control once again.

However, it’s a much better idea for your family, your long-term health, and your bank account to work with a truck accident lawyer. Here at Metier Law Firm, we’ve specialized in handling truck crash cases for more than 30 years. We have an idea of what you’re going through and we’ll treat your case with professionalism, tact, and a determination to succeed. Our truck accident law firm helps clients throughout Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Golden, and Colorado Springs. We know just how debilitating and life-changing a truck accident can be; let us be the ones to help you get back on your feet and gain back as much independence as possible.

To make the process as easy as possible, we offer a free consultation when you first meet with one of our truck accident lawyers. You can discuss the accident, see if you have a case, and come up with a timeline of how our truck accident attorney will help you. Hopefully, you’ll be on your way to a truck crash settlement that takes care of your financial and emotional needs following the accident. Contact Metier Law Firm today to get started with a truck accident lawyer in Colorado.

Do you need a truck accident lawyer or a personal injury attorney?

To be straightforward, yes, you need a truck accident lawyer if you’ve been in a serious trucking accident.  Even before getting into the complexities of liability or the technical knowledge necessary to thoroughly investigate a trucking crash, looking at the quantifiable devastation these crashes involve is the simplest way to understand the need for a truck accident lawyer over a car accident attorney:

  • If a loaded 18-wheeler were to rear-end you while it was moving at 25 mph, then you’d be hit with 179,844 pounds of force.
  • For a 2,000-pound Honda Civic to rear-end you with that same amount of force, it would have to be traveling over 400 mph (which is basically impossible).

See the difference?  A car accident attorney probably will never investigate a crash involving the amount of destruction that we see in almost every case.  We may hear about car accidents all the time or see them on our way to work, but trucking accidents can cause serious, life-changing distress and harm because of their size and weight. Just imagine if you were on I-25 when it happened and the semi-truck were driving at 65 mph. You can imagine the kind of damage that would ensue — and perhaps you have, unfortunately, seen the damage that can occur.

For these reasons, you should always call a truck accident lawyer following an accident. These serious, incredibly damaging accidents can leave you with injuries you may have to deal with for the rest of your life. On top of this, however, the truck company will likely have its own set of investigators that will do all they can to place the fault at your feet so you’re offered the minimum amount of compensation possible.

We know you can do better. All it takes is working with a truck accident lawyer who has your best interest in mind.

You need someone with experience.

When it comes to getting a truck crash settlement, you want to work with someone who has trial experience with truck accident cases and knows what to expect. There are many unique nuances, liable parties, technology, and timelines involved in truck accident cases and we’ve seen car accident lawyers collect a low six figure settlements that should have been seven figure settlements.

Moreover, trucking companies are notified as soon as accidents occur and immediately dispatch their own investigators and lawyers. In some cases, they are on the crash scene before first responders arrive to render aid to the passenger vehicle occupants. The longer you wait to seek legal representation, the more time they have to collect evidence and build their case against you.

That’s where a truck accident lawyer can help. Like we said, Metier Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience handling trucking accidents. This means we have experience understanding the case, representing you, fighting insurance companies on your behalf, and handling all aspects of the case.  If we’re contacted quickly enough, we can even be on the crash scene along with the trucking company’s investigators and attorneys.

You’re trusted and relied on in your workplace because of your experience — and it’s the same with our truck accident lawyers. By relying on our truck accident attorneys, you can trust their experience to do the job right, so to speak.

You need help determining the responsible party.

There could be several responsible parties for the trucking accident, and it’s crucial all potentially responsible parties are investigated. It’s also crucial this happens fast — when the most evidence is present and before the statute of limitations passes.

Many people think it’s either you or the truck driver who is responsible. While this is an easy idea to understand, the reality is multi-faceted. For example, insurance companies, the trucking company, contractors, or even the manufacturers of the vehicles could actually be to blame. If you don’t work with a truck accident lawyer or you choose one who is inexperienced, then they may not be able to identify all potentially liable defendants and determine exactly who is at fault for your extensive injuries.

Here at Metier Law Firm, our truck accident lawyers work closely with medical and forensic experts, along with experienced investigators, in order to comprehensively examine your case and reconstruct the accident to determine fault.

You need to focus on your recovery.

All of this could really be summed up in the following sentence: you need to focus on your recovery. If you’re trying to handle the case alone or you’re working with an inexperienced truck accident attorney you don’t trust, then you won’t be able to fully focus on recovery — which doesn’t only affect you now, but also affects you in the future. Whether you’re filling out forms while in a hospital bed or you’re checking up on everything your lawyer has already completed on your behalf, you increase your levels of stress and prolong your recovery.

You need someone to prioritize your long-term health.

Many people look only at the present when seeking a semi-truck crash settlement. For example, they may know about their current medical bills and the cost of damage to their vehicle and think that’s that. However, you are also entitled to compensation for future health problems or difficulties as a result of the accident.

You may be entitled to loss of work during recovery, loss of future work because of injuries, emotional pain and suffering, physical therapy for years to come, special modifications and equipment to improve your future life at home, or home health assistance. When you work with a truck accident attorney — especially the truck accident lawyers at Metier Law Firm — you’ll have someone on your side who is looking out for your long-term success and happiness.

You need someone unbiased on your case.

Finally, you need someone who can be unbiased on your case. It’s obvious that your truck accident lawyer would like to see you receive a truck crash settlement that covers all the possible expenses you need; however, it’s imperative your truck accident attorney is as unbiased as possible so that you can have a well-rounded case.

For example, if you were to try to handle the case alone or work with a close relative who is a lawyer, then you could perhaps miss important details for your case because you’re looking through such an emotional lens. Our truck accident law firm is determined to see you succeed and get a settlement or award that’s right for you — but we’ll do so through creating a solid, well-rounded case based on facts instead of emotions.

Meet With a Truck Accident Lawyer in Colorado Today

Convinced yet? By working with a truck accident lawyer in Colorado, you can build your best possible case and have the highest chance of success. Trucking accidents are harrowing experiences — we’ve seen it over and over again during the 30 years we’ve handled these cases — and you want an experienced truck accident law firm on your side.

We also know just how financially stressful a trucking accident can be. At times, you may feel it’s not worth it to work with a truck accident lawyer because you’re so stressed about finances. We understand this. And to make it feasible for you, Metier Law Firm handles all cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that you owe us nothing unless and until you collect money. From your initial risk-free consultation to the very end, you won’t pay us a dime in legal fees unless and until you collect money. At times, we’ll cover some expenses from your personal injury case (i.e. costs of medical records, expert witness fees, etc.) in order to build a more well-rounded case. If this occurs, then you will owe us these expenses at the end of your case. As always, we’re looking out for your best interest and earnestly working to see you succeed.

Contact Metier Law Firm today to schedule a risk-free consultation to get started. You’ll meet with one of our truck accident lawyers, see if you have a valid claim for personal injury, and discuss the next steps if you choose to work with us. We work throughout Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Golden, and Colorado Springs, and we work tirelessly to help bring victims to justice. For strength when you need it, you can count on our truck accident lawyers. Get started today.