Do I Need Training to Ride a Motorcycle?

Motorcycles are fun, fast and powerful, but they are very different from driving a car. Some motorcyclists believe that experience is enough to make them a safe rider, but studies have shown that even basic training can help save lives.

Last year, more than 90 percent of riders killed in Colorado motorcycle accidents were men over the age of 45. This demographic tends to include enthusiasts who want to discover a new hobby, or those who rode in their youth looking to get back in the saddle.

Some of these riders have more than 20 years of experience on the road, but little to no formal training. Keeping their skills up-to-date can help riders make adjustments for common issues like vision problems, slower reflexes and less physical stamina.

Every year, hundreds of motorcyclists die from common mistakes like taking a curve too fast, or losing control due to bad weather or road conditions. According to a highway safety official from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), “statistics show [that] honing riding skills through training refines existing skills and prepares even experienced riders for unpredictable situations.”

ABATE of Colorado, a motorcycle rights organization, is currently adding more bike classes to its motorcycle education schedule after classes filled up earlier than expected.

The class is for beginning and experienced riders looking to get their motorcycle endorsement. The course includes classroom instruction, but students spend more than 70 percent of their time on bikes.

The new beginner classes are scheduled for the weekends of August 16, August 23, September 6 and September 20. For intermediate riders, there will be classes on July 19 and 20, including one with license testing.

Motorcyclists face unprecedented danger on the streets from road conditions, weather and other motorists. The right course can teach you how to react in an emergency and maybe even save your life.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Colorado

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