Doctors Store TBI Victim’s Skull in Stomach

When Jamie Hilton awoke from surgery, she had no memory of her accident. She did not remember falling 12 feet and hitting her head on a culvert while fishing with her husband. Upon awakening, she was slightly alarmed to find a piece of her skull inside her abdomen.

“I remember lifting my gown and looking down and just seeing this huge bulge in my stomach and thinking, ‘Is this real?’” she said in an interview with Today. “Obviously it was not a dream. They had put my skull in my stomach.”

When Hilton arrived at the hospital, doctors knew they needed to act fast. Her brain was swelling, and if they did not remove part of her skull, it would crush her brain.

Doctors removed a fragment of her skull and stored it inside her abdomen so they could reattach it later. Doctors say this is a common treatment for traumatic brain injury victims. The body keeps the bone in healthy, sterile condition until the patient is ready to reattach the missing bone. Doctors reattached the fragment 42 days after the initial surgery. The operation is called a hemicraniectomy.

We are happy to see that resourceful medical procedures saved Hilton’s life. If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury because someone else made a mistake, call our offices today at (866) 377-3800 or visit our website to learn more about traumatic brain injuries.

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