Does The Military Promote Safe Motorcycling?

Lieutenant General Michelle D. Johnson of the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAF) in Colorado recently released a list of recommendations for servicemen and women who ride motorcycles to promote safe riding behaviors. Motorcycling is very common in the military community, especially when young soldiers return from a tour with money saved up. Furthermore, it is young inexperienced riders who are involved in most fatal motorcycle crashes. According to the report, motorcycle crashes are a leading cause of death for U.S. Air Force Members.

Firstly, Lt. General Johnson recommends that officers take note of which of their subordinates ride motorcycles so they can use their authority to ensure that each rider wears the proper equipment and receives the proper training. Additionally, those commanders that also ride motorcycles should foster mentor relationships with riders to pass on valuable experience. Lt. General Johnson recommends that riders take advanced safety classes so that their skills are constantly improving and they do not develop bad riding habits. Lastly, Lt. General Johnson says to be extra cautious of motorists and their blind spots, because “[t]here is no such thing as a minor collision between an automobile and a motorcycle.”

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[Did You Know: According to USAF, motorcyclists make up 10 percent of the Air Force but account for 40 percent of traffic fatalities.]

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