Don’t Sneeze and Drive

“Anyone who has ever sneezed in a car knows what can happen.” What, you may ask, can happen? This quote from Springfield, Missouri Assistant Fire Chief Randy Villines refers to a sneezing fit that possibly caused a fire truck accident. According to Reuters, Paul McGuire drove a fire truck with two other fire fighters on the way to a training session. Sixty-year-old McGuire sneezed five or six times, and the fire truck drifted to the right. One of the fire fighters reported that McGuire had a blank stare on his face and did not respond to their yelling, and the fire truck veered onto the median, where it rolled over.

Rescue officials took all three fire fighters in the truck to this hospital. The hospital treated the two passengers and released them, but McGuire remains hospitalized. Police have not interviewed him yet in order to determine his account of the chain of events. However, investigators are determining if there was an intervening cause to complicate the sneezing fit. The fire truck is completely demolished, but Randy Villines expresses empathy for the fire fighter. After all, if you have sneezed in a car before, you probably know what can happen.

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