Drinking While Riding Proves Hazardous at Toys For Tots Run

The annual Toys for Tots run in Wichita, Kansas, started in 1980 with 30 riders. This year, the Toy Run had nearly 3,000 motorcyclists participate, and the sheer volume led to several accidents.

Police say they believe that alcohol and inexperience were the contributing factors in the multiple injuries that occurred during the toy run. Officers reported several accidents that were not called in, and many cases of riders consuming alcohol before the event.

The first official accident happened when two riders pulled out of the line to throw candy to people in the crowd. Both riders attempted to get back into the line at the same time and ran into one another. Two people were hurt in the accident, one passenger and one driver. “We do believe inexperience and alcohol played a significant factor in this collision,” a representative of the police department said.

The second accident happened when an American flag came loose from a sidecar. The owner of the flag pulled over to retrieve the flag. As he ran into the road, another motorcycle hit him.

Local authorities are meeting to come up with safety recommendations to give to the event organizers for next year.

Riding under the influence is never a smart thing to do, but especially when participating in an event for needy children.

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