Driver Emerges From Car Accident Then Collapses After Saying He was “Okay”

On April 22, 29-year-old Jesse G. Ricks was traveling on Interstate 25, about 40 miles north of Casper, Wyoming, when he lost control of his car, went off the right side of the roadway, and rolled his vehicle over twice down a steep embankment. A witness to the crash pulled over to help, but Ricks got out of the car and said he was “okay”. The witness then proceeded up the road until he spotted a state trooper and told the officer what had happened.

The trooper arrived moments after the car accident to find Ricks unconscious, lying on the ground. The trooper proceeded to administer CPR before paramedics arrived and pronounced Ricks dead. Officials said Ricks was wearing a seatbelt, but may have been driving too fast for the icy road conditions. A coroner said the cause of death was uncertain and would not be released for a few weeks. The coroner speculated that Ricks’ death could have been related to a traumatic internal injury, like a severed spinal cord or a traumatic brain injury.

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Toms Tips: When riding a motorcycle in traffic, ride in a lower gear. Riding this way gives you the option to use your brakes to fall behind and move forward if necessary.

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