Driver Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

On August 27, a hit-and-run accident forced police to close northbound Colorado Boulevard at East Iowa Avenue. One driver was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but the other driver fled the scene.

When police responded to the call at about 4:00 a.m. that Wednesday morning, they found the driver of a green Ford Explorer who had sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries. He was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Police found evidence at the scene that eventually led them to a red Jeep parked a short distance from the scene. The car had been partially covered by a tarp, but witnesses noted damage to the front end.

The Jeep owner was located soon afterward in a nearby apartment and arrested without incident, according to a “tweet” from Denver’s Police Department. Police are investigating whether alcohol or drugs played a factor in the crash.

Why Do Drivers Flee the Scene of an Accident?

When reckless drivers flee the scene, they are often trying to escape consequences for the accident or other legal matters. Unfortunately, critical injuries could turn deadly if victims do not receive timely medical care.

Luckily, this victim survived the accident, but his injuries could mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and a long road to recovery. However, a civil suit could force the reckless driver to shoulder some of the financial burden and still face punishment for his crime.

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