Driver Tries To Blame Crash On Dead Passenger

Police have arrested a man on charges of vehicular homicide and two counts of aggravated assault in connection with a fatal car crash last month in Casper, Wyoming.

Authorities have determined that Larry Turner was driving the Cadillac they found on its roof that night, along with three other passengers. 24-year-old Dylan Brock was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple blunt force injuries. Lucas Meadow, another passenger, had his left arm ripped off in the crash along with a broken lower back. He may never walk again.

The last passenger, Monica Patro, suffered from multiple fractures to her lower leg and a severe brain injury.

Turner attempted to hide from the police after the crash. He tried to pay a homeowner in the area to hide him, but the homeowner refused, telling the police instead. When they found him, he told them that Brock was driving instead of himself.

Turner did not do a very good job of keeping his deception secret, instead telling both Patro and Meadow in their hospital rooms of his intention to pawn off the responsibility for the crash.

When police drew blood from Turner, it tested positive for cocaine.

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