Drugged Driver Kills 9- and 17-Year-Old

Priscilla Garcia, her kids and a friend were driving down Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs on November 26 when their minivan stalled. Garcia’s 10-year-old daughter, 9-year-old son Neto White and 17-year-old family friend Leondro Carabajal got behind the van to push it down the road.

Robert Icenogle, 57, crashed his car into the three of them. Priscilla told KKTV about her first thoughts when Icenogle’s car crashed into her van.

“I had just seconds to look into the rearview mirror and tell myself, please tell me they’re out of the way,” she said. “Then when I got out of the car, I couldn’t see them. I thought, please tell me they’re out of the way. I didn’t see them, and they didn’t get out of the way.”

Garcia’s daughter suffered a leg injury, and Leto and Carabajal died from their injuries.

Under the Influence

Police reports show that Icenogle was driving under the influence of methadone when he caused the fatal car accident. Methodone is a painkiller similar to morphine that causes euphoria and drowsiness. Available only by prescription, most pharmacists will warn patients never to drive after taking the drug.

Police charged Icenogle with driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.

Because one driver made a mistake, two families will live with this heartbreak for the rest of their lives. Safe, sober driving could have prevented this fatal car accident. Our attorneys can help grieving family members seek justice against the wrongdoing that took a loved one from them. A wrongful death lawsuit can punish negligence and earn you some compensation for your expenses and suffering. Call 866-377-3800 to learn more.

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