Drunk Driver Allegedly Killed Two, Says Drunk Every Day

Nageezi, New Mexico resident Howard Haceesa is facing up to 99 years in prison after two people died in a November 18 head-on collision that he allegedly caused.

With a blood alcohol level registering .30 almost three hours after the crash, Haceesa admitted to authorities that he does not even remember the accident.

“I don’t remember,” he said. “I’m a constant alcoholic. I drink every day.”

Haceesa was driving south on U.S. 550 when he crossed over the center line, going past a lane of oncoming traffic, to hit a 2002 Isuzu SUV filled with a family of seven.

Circia Fernandez-Lopez, driving the SUV, attempted to avoid the van by veering left. Haceesa tried to correct, though, bringing him back into contact with the SUV. They struck on the passenger side, head on.

50-year-old Natalia Fernandez, a passenger in the SUV, and 42-year-old Clifford Comanche, a passenger of Haceesa, were killed in the auto accident.

Haceesa has four previous convictions of drunken driving, which helps account for the length of his potential sentence.

He told police he has alcohol in his system all day and he blacks out when he is drunk.

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