Drunk Driver Arrested for Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Drunk drivers are a threat to all motorists, but especially motorcyclists. For our post today, we want to ensure that our readers have knowledge that will help them spot drivers impaired by alcohol.

A motorcycle accident in Denver last week served as a reminder that motorcyclists must always be wary of reckless drivers.

According to police, the motorcycle accident happened when a drunk driver forced the motorcyclist off the road and into a trashcan. Once the police arrived on the scene, they arrested the driver for suspected vehicular homicide.

How Can Motorcyclists Spot Drunk Drivers?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides a list of ways to spot drunk drivers that might help our readers avoid motorcycle accidents.

  • Drunk drivers will quickly accelerate and decelerate their vehicles, tailgate others, and brake erratically. This happens because alcohol affects reaction time. Pay close attention to how vehicles are reacting to stop signs and lights.
  • Drivers impaired by alcohol will often drift in and out of lanes, leave turn signals on and sometimes forget to turn on car lights at night.
  • Drunk drivers are more likely to commit careless moving violations, such as turning abruptly and illegally.

There are bad drivers on the road that might not be under the influence, so it is up to the person witnessing bad driving behavior to call the police. Sober motorists regularly cause motorcycle accidents because they cannot see riders. Drunk drivers are even less likely to spot a motorcyclist and react in time to avoid a collision.

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Did You Know?: Famous musician Bob Dylan was involved in a motorcycle accident in 1968.

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