Drunken Tow Truck Driver Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The lawyer for a tow-truck driver involved in a towing accident that claimed the life of a woman last March claims his client’s inebriation had nothing to do with the accident.

While the attorney acknowledges his client had a blood alcohol level of .114, he insists a defective vehicle he was towing led to the fatal injuries suffered by Denise Polinchak.

Polinchak, 55, was having her vehicle towed because of brake problems. Robert Wickham had responded to her call for a tow and was in the driver’s seat of Polinchak’s car with the door open when the vehicle suddenly accelerated.  The open door knocked Polinchak to the pavement. She died later that day at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center.

According to prosecutors, Wickham had consumed three 24-ounce cans of beer prior to being dispatched by his employer.

While Wickham’s lawyer insists the intoxication had nothing to do with the accident, the prosecution is less convinced.

“(Wickham’s) blood-alcohol level was over the legal limit,” the prosecution said. “They want to say it doesn’t matter and wasn’t responsible for the accident, but in Pennsylvania, the law says you can’t drink and drive, and he was by all standards drunk when he arrived to tow Mrs. Polinchak’s vehicle. It’s our firm belief that’s what led to her death.”

Wickham is currently free on $25,000 unsecured bond.

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