Why Are Electric Motorcycles Appealing?

Electric motorcycles are due to arrive on American streets, and they will give riding a cleaner and sleeker appeal. Last year, an electric motorcycle entered and easily won a contest called the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, arriving at the finish line within 10 minutes.

Pikes Peak is no easy course to get through, hosting 156 turns spread out over 12.42 miles. Even more impressive, the LS-218 beat the second place competitor by 21 seconds. The new record is a major improvement from 2011, which saw an electric motorcycle finish a minute and a half behind the motorcycle that came in first place.

Electric Motorcycles – Fast and Clean

The LS-218 comes with an expensive $38,800 price tag, tops out at 218 mph and charges faster than your smartphone at only two hours. Like Tesla, Lightning Motorcycles is seeking to take advantage of an increasing consumer demand for faster and cleaner transportation.

Harley-Davidson has joined other competitors in developing electric motorcycles with its Project LiveWire design. Project LiveWire will be touring Harley dealerships for the next year, offering people a chance to ride the new bike.

Are Motorcycles Growing in Popularity?

Motorcycles are an increasingly popular trend according to statistics released by the Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration (DTFHA). Data collected shows that there were 8.5 million motorcycles cruising American highways in 2012, as opposed to eight million in 2009. Increasing demand will likely continue to drive new products to hit the markets.

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More information on the LS-218 electric motorcycle can be found here.

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