Electricity Versus Gas: The Motorcycle Showdown On Pikes Peak!

In the left corner, we have the traditional bruiser, the fighting 1200cc monster, the motorcycle master of combustion, the Victory Project 156! And in the right corner, we have the champion of zero emissions, the Isle of Man podium devourer, the lightning bolt of electric mayhem, the Victory Empulse RR! Who will win the climb to the clouds? There’s only one way to find out!

Electricity Versus Gas: The Motorcycle Showdown On Pikes Peak!Jake Snakenberg: Why His Story Is Important For High School Athletes

On June 26, the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) will kick off and motorcycle fans may finally get an answer to the age old question… Are electric motorcycles the future of the industry? Depending on who you talk to, this question has many different answers.

Old-school enthusiasts can’t imagine a motorcycle without the rumble of an internal combustion engine and the smell of gasoline. However, futurist riders believe the superior torque and nonexistent emissions of an electric bike trumps the perceived advantages of gas-driven bikes. Now these fans will have a direct comparison as Victory Motorcycles races both a gas-driven and an electric-powered motorcycle head-to-head up Pikes Peak.

PPIHC Champion Jeremy Toye is going to take the helm of Victory Racing’s Project 156 in the exhibition class of this year’s race to the clouds. Based off of Victory’s Octane production bike, the Victory Project 156—which has a 1200 cc V-twin engine—is named after the 156 turns on the Pikes Peak mountain course.

The Empulse RR is going to be ridden by motorcycle journalist and racer Don Canet. Who is eager to see just what the bike can do after the Victory Empulse TT managed a podium finish at the Isle of Man TT—the only race in the world that can even begin to compare the PPIHC.

All the action goes down on June 26th, but according to Sport Rider Magazine, Victory will be joining the rest of Colorado Springs during PPIHC Fan Fest on June 24th from 5pm-10pm. Will you be there?

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