Emily’s Parade 2012

Emily’s Parade 2012

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As avid motorcycle riders ourselves, Tom Metier and the injury attorneys at Metier Law Firm never pass up an opportunity to take part in a scenic ride especially when it means we also get to raise money for a great cause. Emily’s Parade is in annual fundraising event for the “I Love U Guys” Foundation to celebrate the life of Emily Keyes and help victims of tragic injuries. The Law Tigers acted as a corporate sponsor for the 2012 Emily’s Parade. Our firm is a proud member of the Law Tigers, and is dedicated to protecting the rights of those hurt by the negligence of another in a motorcycle accident or after devastating injuries. Contact our injury lawyers today for more information about our work on behalf of injury victims.

Video Transcription:

This is our annual event. It’s Emily’s parade and it’s absolutely a magical day. We have bikers from across the state who gather here in memory of Emily, my daughter, and other victims of violence in our schools. The foundations have developed a program, the Standard Response Protocol, that enables students, staff, and first responders to share a common vocabulary in a crisis. Without this event, that wouldn’t be possible. We provide that program free of charge to public k-12 schools, not just here in Colorado, but across the country.

Male 1: You know, just to see the camaraderie of all different types of people from different places and the different bikes, and just the support that it gets from everybody.

Female 1: It just seemed like such a neat thing to be able to do and I just really wanted come and do it. I was excited when I got to do it this year.

Female 2: I think it’s a great event for a great cause. A lot of great bikes here and some great people.

Female 3: I love being able to do things to be able to keep my daughter safe in school.

Male 2: It’s a great ride and just to be able to see the support from everybody from all different paths of life. They’re all out here. It’s just a great feel.

Male 3: You know, I say any shape, any size, any model motorcycle a person or whatever organization, affiliation, come out for a ride like this because this is all about people coming together and then loving one another. It’s just a cool thing to do.

Tom Metier: Each of these balloons represent someone who has lost their life to school violence. We’re going to release the balloons, play a song that we’ve come to love at Columbine High School that means so much to us. (Somewhere Over the Rainbow plays).