Engineers Create 3D Printed Motorcycle

Imagine being able to download the schematics for a motorcycle and then use a 3D printer to create it from the comfort of your garage. As far-fetched as it sounds, 3D printing motorcycles could soon become a possibility.

3D printers use software to digitally build an object, and then use large amounts of plastic or other materials to construct the final product.

An engineering company demonstrated its 3D printed motorcycle at RAPID 2015 last week. RAPID 2015 is a large technology and 3D printing conference.

Creators of the 3D printed motorcycle used computer software to design some of the aspects of the motorcycle, which would then be used by the 3D printer to create the bike in the real world. Although the engine and electronics were not 3D printed, the wheel bearings, handlebars, frame and seat were. According to the creators of the motorcycle, the greatest difficulty came with building the brakes and bearings.

By using plastic, the 3D printer created a small electronic motorcycle capable of traveling 10 to 15 miles per hour. The motorcycle is eight feet long, can support a weight of 400 pounds and uses a small electric engine.

Can New Technologies Contribute To Motorcycle Safety?

Future motorcycles are always a fun topic to discuss, as it is worth investigating whether technological progress will play a role in helping advance motorcycle safety. With 3D printed motorcycles, it is hard to imagine a motorcycle made of plastic parts is safe to use – yet.

However, other futuristic ideas for motorcycles we have discussed, such as jackets with lights and turn signals, can certainly help contribute to motorcycle safety.

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