EPA Setting New Guidelines To Separate E10 And E15 At Gas Pump

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking steps towards adequately separating gasoline that contains different percentages of ethanol. This ensures that a blend of gasoline with up to 15 percent ethanol, appropriately called E15, does not end up in the gas tank of motorcycles, boats or lawn mowers. E15 is not recommended for use these types of engines, and often ruins parts and voids the warranty.

Gas stations traditionally offer only one gas hose that disperses both the new E15 fuel blend, and the motorcycle-approved E10. Concerns over residual E15 leftover in the hose from a previous customer have been raised by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). Proposed changes and appeals made by the AMA include: separate E10/E0 pumps available to motorcyclists, signs denoting where the dedicated E10/E0 is located and warning labels on existing E15 pumps that read: “Passenger Vehicles Only. Use in Other Vehicles, Engines and Equipment May Violate Federal Law.”

Keeping your motorcycle in good, working condition helps ensure your safety in case a negligent driver does not see you. Being able to swerve quickly in order to avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident requires that your machine is running optimally. Unfortunately, even the most cautious and proactive riders are often involved in this type of oftentimes fatal motorcycle accident—regardless of which type of fuel they used.

If you or a fellow rider have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to an inattentive driver or a bike with defective parts, give our Wyoming and Colorado accident attorneys a call and we can talk about rights you may not even know you have.

[Tom’s Tips: Ethanol can be made from a variety of plants like corn, potatoes and sugar cane. It is considered a renewable energy because the source of fuel can be regrown.]

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