Ex-Soldier Guilty In Shaken Baby Death

An ex-Carson soldier was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death after he fatally injured a child he was babysitting by shaking it to the point of brain injury.

George Peters avoided a first-degree murder conviction in a trial that lasted around two weeks, but could still face up to 80 years on prison when he is sentenced.

Peters, 24, was craving heroin and had little sleep when he decided to force two-month-old Nicholas Johnson to stop crying by shaking the boy. Johnson died a day later from brain injuries.

The jury also found Peters guilty of abuse against his own son, including anal trauma and injuries similar to those of Nicholas.

Peters’ son is in the custody of his mother, an active duty Fort Carson soldier. Peters was discharged from the Army shortly before the child’s death, having failed a drug test.

It is upsetting to see what some people are capable of, and this story emphasizes how important it is to know who is babysitting your child.

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