Failure To Render Aid: Why Didn’t Anyone Stop To Help A Fallen Motorcyclist?

iStock_000005916968SmallIt was 4:30 a.m. on December 2nd as a 61-year-old man rode his red Harley-Davidson to work along Interstate 25. He was the father of five, a minister at a local church, a veteran of the U.S. Marines, and he didn’t make it to work that morning. The man mysteriously crashed while riding on the interstate, and only one witness has been able to tell the Denver police what happened.

Why Didn’t Anyone Stop To Help A Fallen Motorcyclist?

Police say several people witnessed the crash on I25 that morning, but only one driver called in to report what had happened. The driver saw the motorcyclist crash into an 18-wheeler before disappearing from view. After that, the fallen rider was hit by at least two vehicles, a box-style delivery truck and a sedan.

“That driver may not even know that he hit someone,” Denver Police Traffic Division Sgt. Mike Farr explained about the truck driver, “but I have reason to believe those other vehicles do know that they hit someone or at least something.”

Police are urging anyone who may have seen the accident to call in, and the family of the 61-year-old are adding their pleas for answers to that call. “We just can’t comprehend nobody stopping. How could someone not know they hit a body in the road?” the victim’s daughter told 9 News in disbelief.

If you saw anything, the Denver Police can be contacted at 720-913-7867, and the family of the fallen rider is asking for support on their GoFundMe page. Keep following our Facebook and Twitter for updates and watch our motorcycle accident blog for more news and info to help Colorado motorcyclists stay safe.

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