Have Any Famous People Been in Motorcycle Accidents?

Several weeks ago, we wrote a blog about Homeland star Damian Lewis’ motorcycle accident and a resulting traumatic brain injury that left him with temporary depression. However, there are dozens of famous individuals who have been seriously injured by motorcycle accidents, and their stories can offer some insight into how being hurt while riding a motorcycle can affect people.

Twenty-five years ago, Billy Idol was enjoying fortune and fame as a legendary rock star, but for a brief moment on February 6, 1990, that could have all come to an abrupt end. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Idol was severely injured after colliding with a car on his motorcycle, sustaining a fractured forearm and a broken leg. The rock star’s leg was so badly mangled that hospital staff almost performed an amputation.

Actor Gary Busey has talked extensively about his motorcycle accident, which left him with a traumatic brain injury. During the late 1980s, Busey crashed his motorcycle after hitting a pocket of sand and fishtailing. The accident caused the actor to strike his head upon a curb, which left him with a brain injury. According to Busey, he was in a coma for four weeks and the brain injury led to permanent changes in how he saw and felt things.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Have Permanent Effects

If there is one thing both stories show us, it is that motorcycle accidents and the injuries they are capable of inflicting may require years of rehabilitation. It is important for survivors to consider what options are available when they are ready to start moving forward with their recovery.

If your motorcycle accident was due to a negligent driver, contacting an attorney can open the possibility of not being solely responsible for bills that can total in the millions of dollars.

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