Fatal Bike Accident Trial Involving Dump Truck Reaches Verdict In Court

It has been a rough couple of years for the Loven and Howrey families. The accident that claimed the life of 73-year-old Eugene Howrey occurred on June 17, 2011; and the trial arguing the carelessness of the driver that hit him recently reached a verdict. According to Colorado Daily, Howrey was riding his bicycle along Lefthand Canyon Drive in Boulder when a dump truck, driven by Christopher Loven, attempted to make a left turn onto an adjacent road. Howrey and Loven collided, both traveling between 20 mph and the posted speed limit of 35 mph. Howrey died at the scene after being violently thrown 39 feet off his bike.

At the time, Loven was working as an excavator and had just finished work at a nearby job site. A detour forced Loven to use the street Howrey was cycling on, a road Loven did not normally take to his home on Lee Road. Loven alleged that he was aware that this area normally has high bicycle traffic and that he looked before turning his dump truck to the left, but trees and other foliage had blocked his view of oncoming traffic.

However, the jury assigned to this trial disagreed that Loven took all the necessary precautions before turning, and found him guilty of being careless in the events leading up to Howrey’s death. Loven must pay a $1,000 fine and could spend up to one year in jail. Careless driving is the lowest criminal charge that can be used in a fatal vehicular accident. Our Colorado accident attorney knows just how disastrous and overwhelming dealing with a bike accident can be for victims and the families of victims. Convincing an insurance company or jury to award an appropriate amount of compensation for your personal injuries should not be difficult.

Our law firm serves clients in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and anywhere in the nation where you need us. If you have been the victim of a bicycle accident due to another person’s negligence, talk with us today for a free consultation of your case. We will help determine fault, and provide the necessary aggressiveness and compassion needed to win your case.

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