Fatal Car Accident on Highway 93 Caused by Illegal Passing

The name of a 61-year-old woman killed in a car crash on March 13 has been released to the public. The Daily Camera reported that Patricia Bybee of Littleton was involved in a three-car accident, and died at the scene from a possible brain injury. The wreck was caused by 21-year-old Michael McCoy, who attempted to pass a vehicle on a two-lane road while in a no-passing zone.

When McCoy began the maneuver, he spotted Bybee’s vehicle traveling southbound and tried to fall back behind the other vehicle. However, authorities report that McCoy struck the back end of the vehicle he had tried to pass, and the force of the collision caused him to collide head-on with Bybee. Her vehicle crossed into the northbound lane and crashed into a concrete guardrail before it came to rest near the east side of Colorado State Highway 93. McCoy sustained minor injuries and was taken to Boulder Community Hospital for treatment.

The Colorado State Patrol is investigating the fatal car accident to determine whether McCoy will have criminal charges brought against him. Our Colorado accident lawyers believe that the family of a victim who suffers from wrongful death as a result of someone else’s negligence deserves to seek legal justice for their loss. We are here, first and foremost, to help you begin moving forward. The pain of a tragic accident is already devastating enough without having to worry about what your next step needs to be. Talk with us today at (866) 377-3800 for free advice from our law firm.

[Tom’s Tips: When passing, oncoming traffic should be far enough away that it looks motionless. It is likely too close if it is visibly is moving closer.]

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