Fatal Tandem Bicycle Accident in Arizona

Tandem bicycle riding is normally a fun, quaint activity shared between couples. However, tragedy struck for tandem bike riders in Arizona on August 16 when a van hit the back of the bicycle on Trekell Road in Casa Grande. According to KOLD, Brian Pangburn occupied the front seat and Pam Pangburn was in the back seat of the tandem bike, and they used a red strobe light to warn drivers of their presence on the road.

After the collision with the van, Pam sustained severe injuries to her chest and head, and Brian suffered chest injuries. Pam died at Casa Grande Medical Center that day, and Brian’s condition is unknown.

The driver of the van involved in the bicycle accident did not appear to be impaired, though police did conduct a blood test. In addition, the one arrest made at the scene of the accident did not involve the driver. Strangely enough, police found a witness of the crash, Francis Gibson, going through the backpack and personal items of the crash victims. Officials asked the man to leave the scene, but they arrested the witness when he would not comply. There is no explanation for the man’s odd behavior.

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