Fatal Wyoming Motorcycle Crash

North of Lusk, Wyoming, a motorcyclist from Pleasant Hill, Iowa died on August 11 due to a crash with a truck. According to the Lusk Herald, Motorcyclist Jefferson Adams headed northbound on U.S. Highway 85, along with Damon Hand of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Hand drove a truck pulling a 28-foot trailer, and he missed his turn on the highway. He was making a left onto Cheyenne River Road to turn around, and Adams moved to pass as Hand was turning. Though Adams hit the brakes and steered left, his motorcycle hit the camper, causing him to be thrown off the bike. Hand kept turning, and the biker and his motorcycle became tangled and stuck under the trailer until Hand stopped. Adams died an hour and a half later.

In related news, another motorcycle accident occurred on the same highway in Wyoming on August 9 due to a deer jumping into the paths of four motorcycles as they passed a semi. The bikers sustained injuries, but there were no fatalities. As mentioned in an earlier post about rising motorcycle fatalities in Wyoming, riders around the state must be increasingly careful over the summer months due to increased traffic on the roads.

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