Father Files Wrongful Death Suit against Property Owners

A fire at the Summerview Apartments in San Antonio, Texas resulted in the death of six-year-old Rudy Alejos, as well as burn injuries sustained by his mother, Debbie Abby Garcia. Rudy’s father, Raul Alejos, filed a wrongful death suit against Drought Properties, Inc., the company that owns the apartment complex.

According to My San Antonio.com, the boy’s father states that Drought Properties was negligent on several accounts, including failure to have proper fire warning and extinguishing equipment as well as failure to comply with city fire codes. In addition, the suit alleges that Drought Properties failed to regulate dangerous activity, since one of the two stairwells in the building where the fire started was boarded up for months. San Antonio Fire Department spokesperson Deborah Foster stated that several 911 calls included the sound of smoke detectors, and she explained that the apartment buildings were not required to have fire sprinkles because they were built before those codes were created.

While the San Antonio Fire Department continues to investigate the cause of the apartment fire, more safety measures should be the concern of the property managers to prevent other tragic accidents.

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