Father’s Accident Overshadowed by Son’s Notoriety

For some parents there will come a time where they are known only by their children’s accomplishments. Look at George Clooney’s dad (Nick, by the way). For some parents this can be a source of pride, for others it could be a source of pain.

Take Cecil W. Harpham. If the name is not familiar, he is Kevin Harpham’s dad. Kevin Harpham is the man accused of attempting to bomb the MLK Day Parade in Spokane, Washington.

Luckily, the bomb was discovered before it went off, thus saving countless lives, and Kevin Hapham was arrested in March 2011.

But this story isn’t about Kevin. This is about Cecil who was in a pretty serious motorcycle accident on August 6, 2011. So serious, in fact, that he is in the ICU in stable condition.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are fairly common — so much so that, unless they are really extraordinary, they rarely get more than fifty words in the newspaper. Cecil Harpham’s story got about 100 – most of them about his son.

When children do bad things, the parents often end up in the spotlight – whether they agree with their children’s actions or not. I don’t know if Cecil supports his son’s actions or shares his son’s politics. I do know that he was injured in a motorcycle accident, and if was almost anyone else’s father, that’s all that would matter.

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