Federal Campaign Aims to Reduce Child Drowning Deaths

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), drowning in swimming pools and spas is a leading cause of death for children age 5 and under. An average of 390 children under age 15 die from swimming pool and spa accidents every year, and 75 percent of them were under the age of five.

To help reduce incidents involving children and pools for 2012, the CPSC launched the third annual Pool Safely campaign throughout the country. They offer several tips for safer pool outings this summer, including:

  • Take your kids to swimming lessons. Many pools offer swimming lessons for very young swimmers. This is an essential step in preventing pool accidents. The CPSC reports that minorities are at an increased risk of drowning since up to 70 percent of African American children and 60 percent of Hispanic children never learned how to swim.
  • Mind the equipment. Keep children away from all pipes and drains in pools. Last year’s data reveals no reported instances of death by entrapment (getting trapped in a pool drain or filter). Keep the streak going by installing VGB-Compliant drain covers that keep hair and limbs from being caught in filtration systems.
  • Keep a safe pool. Most swimming pool accidents occur in residential areas. Help prevent pool accidents by taking safety precautions, such as a four-sided, four-foot tall fence with out-of-reach locks to keep youngsters from using your pool without your permission. Consider installing extra measures, like security systems that tell you when someone is in the pool. When kids are using the pool, always keep a phone within arm’s reach.

Keep safety in mind this summer while enjoying the gorgeous weather. A few extra precautions can save lives.

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