Federal Grants For Motorcycle Safety

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers grants to cities with abnormally high motorcycle accident rates. The funds are usually used to host motorcycle safety courses, instructing beginner riders in fundamental maneuvers for avoiding objects and turning safely. Tulsa, Oklahoma has received NHTSA funding since 2013 for motorcycle safety courses.

“We had a higher (percentage) of motorcycle fatality crashes (by population) in the city than the state did,” said a representative of Oklahoma Highway Safety Office data.

The NHTSA funds also go toward promoting a public awareness campaign aimed at motorists. “Part of the message we want to get out to all the other motoring traffic is that it is necessary for them to share the road with motorcycles, to watch for motorcycles…they’re out there and they have the same rights on the roadway as any car,” said the representative.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists who fail to see motorcyclists because he or she looks selectively for other cars. Hopefully, the public education campaign will make motorists more vigilant and comfortable sharing the road with motorcyclists.

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