Federal Transportation Department Official Shares His Love Of Motorcycle Safety

iStock_000005916968SmallThe Assistant Secretary for the Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration recently gave an interview to National Journal on his love for riding motorcycles, giving insight into how top transportation policy planners view motorcycle safety.

The interview starts with the assistant secretary recalling a moment from his childhood when he was riding in the backseat of a car with a motorcyclist riding next to him. According to the assistant secretary’s recollection, the motorcycle looked over at him and signaled a thumbs up. He was in love with motorcycles instantly, and bought his first two bikes in his early thirties.

During his interview with National Journal, the assistant secretary mentions he loves his job because of its aspect on transportation safety through technological development. The assistant secretary mentioned the importance of developing automobiles, including motorcycles, with technology that could signal other vehicles to avoid collisions.

How Can New Technology Contribute To Motorcycle Safety?

According to the assistant secretary, wireless networks could connect vehicles and perhaps reduce auto and motorcycle accidents by 80 percent. Why is this technology useful for motorcyclists? Motorcycles can be difficult for inattentive motorists to see, and technology that allows vehicles to communicate with each other could help provide warnings in time to avoid collisions.

Some of our recent blogs have discussed recent National Transportation Safety Board calls for vehicles to be outfitted with anti-collision systems. With multiple federal transportation departments and officials calling for vehicles to be outfitted with anti-collision systems, it is likely technological developments will become an increasingly important topic when discussing motorcycle safety.

According to the assistant secretary, the next 50 years of vehicle safety will focus on “avoiding crashes altogether”.

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